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2017-18 Academic Calendar

Tuesday, August 15 - Tuesday, September 5

Registration: Fall Trimester

Saturday, September 23

First Day of Classes: Fall Trimester

Monday, October 9

Columbus Day: No Classes

Tuesday, November 14 - Tuesday, December 12

Registration: Winter Trimester

Wednesday, November 22 - Friday, November 25

Thanksgiving Weekend: No Classes

Friday, December 15

Last Day of Classes: Fall Trimester

Wednesday, January 3

First Day of Classes: Winter Trimester

Monday, January 15

Martin Luther King Jr Day: No Classes

Monday, February 19

Presidents Day: No Classes

Tuesday, February 20 - Tuesday, March 20

Registration: Spring Trimester

Wednesday, March 21

Last Day of Classes: Winter Trimester

Saturday, March 31

First Day of Classes: Spring Trimester

Saturday, May 26 - Monday, May 28

Memorial Day Weekend: No Classes

Monday, June 18

Last Day of Classes: Spring Trimester

Saturday, June 23


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I can’t wait to take classes in plumbing and electricity to become a super in the future.
Pedro Perez, Porter, Dunbar Apartments, New York, NY

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